Travel Baby Cribs

When you are shopping for travel baby cribs, what qualities should you look for in order to make the wisest choice? What makes a product the best product that there is in the market? Here are several key points that you may need to consider when looking for a travel crib for your baby.


When a product has established itself in the market, that is, they have gotten good feedbacks and reactions from the people who have bought and used them, then that will be a determining factor in your selection of baby products. There had been products out there that have made a name for themselves, only to be bought by another company who may decide on changing the quality of the product. So, how do you know if a product had already lost its quality due to the change of company ownership? Check out customer responses. Look for their reviews in magazines or on the internet. They will give you an idea on how the new product is doing.


Many baby products could be recalled by their manufacturers if there is a defect in their production, such as the stability of the crib. So, if you are contemplating upon buying a certain product, be on the lookout for current news about any possible complaint or problem that it may have to avoid the mistake of buying it.

Things that have to be considered when thinking about stability are: will the crib collapse if the baby is put in it? Will the baby be able to move it from its place if he leans or pushes against a wall? Is there any chance that it might fold up after it has been put up?

Travel cribs have to be made from light materials but they also need to be sturdy enough to hold your baby and to be stable enough so that it will not fold up accidentally once your baby is in it. You may know the quality of through its reviews.

Use of Organic Materials

The use of chemicals on baby products such as mattresses and beds may have adverse effects such as leaking colors and having a smell of something like plastic. This is due to man made materials and chemicals that most manufacturers use. This may be quite dangerous for your baby.

It is better, therefore, to buy products that use organic materials for your baby’s travel crib. Here are the standards that you can use to determine a product’s quality:

1. ASTM F406-7 – This is the standard in the United States for children’s beds and furniture.

2. EN716-1 and 2 – This is the European version of the standard above.

3. Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1, Eco-certified – This is the hardest standard in the world about a product’s non-toxicity and only a few travel crib brands are able to pass it. This is higher than the preceding standards.


When buying a travel crib, think of how long you could use it without having broken parts or ripped walls. It would be better if you could use it from one kid to another. Think of it as an investment, something that could be sold at a garage sale.

Facility of Setting-Up and Packing-down

How much do you need this quality to be present in the product? On what kind of occasions would you be using this? Do you need something that will be very easy to set-up and pack, or could you do with a product that would need a little more instructions to set-up? This is important to consider, since there are products that are pretty difficult to put-up.


Travel cribs need to be light so that it would be easier to take along with you when you travel. Sometimes, a charge on your luggage due to an unnecessary extra weight would be quite a problem. So, you must take a look at whether the crib is light enough for your needs.

Though it may seem impossible to meet all of this criteria, this is meant to serve as a guide only and to illustrate important elements that need to be considered before buying the next travel crib on a whim. If the purchase is given thought, and some shopping online is conducted, finding portable cribs worth the investment is not too difficult.

Although you may not find a crib that fits all of these criteria, it will be better if you keep these points in mind when shopping for travel cribs. Buying stuff without giving it much consideration first, will definitely not do you any good. Browsing the net for information about these products will help you greatly in making the right choice for your baby.