Cribs For Babies

Cribs for babies shopping can be time consuming, as parents want a product that is safe, well made, and will fit into the space they have available. There are literally hundreds of different crib models on the market today; cribs are available in different colors, materials and sizes. Deciding on which crib is best for the baby just takes a little bit of time and research.

Full Size Cribs

A full size crib is the traditional crib that most people are used to seeing. A standard full size crib is 52 inches long by 28 inches wide. A full size crib will require the purchase of a crib mattress; many brands of crib mattresses are available to fit into a full size crib. The crib mattress should be firm and fit tightly into the crib for the safety of the baby. A popular trend in full size cribs are convertible cribs. Convertible cribs can be put together as a standard crib for infant use; as the infant grows the crib can be modified into a toddler bed. When the toddler bed is no longer needed the pieces of the crib can be modified into a headboard that will fit onto a twin or full size mattress frame, depending on the crib brand.

Mini Cribs

Mini cribs for babies are a great option for those that do not have a lot of space. Mini cribs come in a variety of colors and styles just like full size cribs. Mini cribs vary in size depending on the brand, but they average 38 inches in length by 25 inches in width. A crib mattress will need to be purchased for a mini crib. Some mini crib brands are advertised as convertible cribs; but unlike full size cribs mini cribs for babies are considered 2-in-1 convertible cribs instead of 3-in-1 convertible cribs.

Portable cribs

Portable cribs are also commonly known as playpens, travel baby cribs or pack ‘n plays. Portable cribs have soft sides usually made of nylon or mesh. Portable cribs fold up for easy transport. Many brands of portable cribs include a travel bag. Portable cribs have a wide range of features, depending on what model is bought. An inexpensive model may be just a square or rectangle crib while more expensive models may feature bassinet inserts and built in diaper changing stations. Mattresses are available for portable cribs, but there purchase is not necessary, as portable cribs come with a thin padded sleeping surface.

In addition to size safety is a very important consideration when buying a crib. Every year there are recalls on different crib models. A crib model should always be checked for any recalls before purchase. If using an older crib or buying a used crib it should be noted that drop side cribs are no longer considered safe. Contact the manufacturer to obtain a conversion kit to modify a drop side crib into a safer fixed side crib.

Babies will spend many hours sleeping in their crib. Taking the time to select the best cribs for babies will ensure that an infant receives a safe and restful night of sleep.

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