Portable Baby Cribs

Portable baby cribs were supposed to be only for temporary use and to carry babies weighing not more than 30 pounds, but as the need for it has grown through the years, they are now made of more durable and stronger materials. They are usually made from wood or metallic materials to be sturdy enough to hold your baby. They also have wheels for easy movement from place to place. It serves as a temporary place for your baby to sleep on, when you are traveling or when you are staying at a friend or relative’s house.

Due to the recent demand for people to travel most of the time, there has been a growing need for portable things especially when it comes to your family’s needs. Portable things had been created to serve this demand and one of the things has turned portable today is travel baby cribs.

Selecting and Buying a Portable Crib

When choosing a baby crib, you must take into consideration its built-in safety features. It must be safe enough for your baby to sleep on. These portable cribs do not follow the same safety standards for regular cribs. Some of them only use standards used for playpens.

To ensure that you are not putting your baby in danger, always buy from a reputable dealer. These people are aware of recent recall notices and would regularly remove unsafe cribs from their inventory. Always make sure that the portable crib has not been included in any recall. Take time to fill-out the registration form and always check the manufacturer’s website for any recent notices about the particular model so as to keep your dealings to safe baby cribs only.

To be sure with the product that you are buying, always buy from a trusted dealer. They will take notice when a product is being recalled and will immediately remove it from their shelves. Check the product on the internet so you would be knowledgeable if there are recent notices concerning it.

Here are some guidelines that one must follow when selecting and buying a portable baby crib:

  • It must be made using high- quality materials and should be sturdy enough for an adult to lean on. It must not move or sway when a person leans on it.
  • The finishing must be smooth to avoid hurting your baby’s fingers.
  • If it involves self-assembly, it must not have stray threads or any loose mesh that your baby might swallow.
  • The mattress should only be an inch deep and there must be no gap between the crib and the mattress. It must be firm enough and it must not leave any marks when pressed with your index finger.
  • Screws, nuts, and bolts must not be sticking out or any part that is falling apart.
  • The spaces in the mesh should not be large enough for your pinky to fit in. If you can, then that size is too big for your baby.
  • The rails at the top should be self-locking and must be hard for your baby to undo in order to avoid accidents.
  • The wheels should contain locks so that it will remain in place when your baby is in it.

Many portable cribs also have drop sides and adjustable mattress levels like the regular cribs. They also come in different styles and designs but they may come in slightly smaller size than a regular crib. Almost all of them weigh lighter than the regular crib so that they can be easier to fold up and transport. Be sure that you try to fold them by yourself before you buy.

Portable cribs come with differing features. Some come in fancy colors and designs and some do not. Some have adjustable sides and mattress levels to suit your baby’s needs. But generally, they are smaller and weigh lesser than regular cribs. Also, try to fold and set them up yourself before you buy them.

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