Safe Baby Cribs

Portable safe baby cribs are made a little smaller than the regular sizes of baby cribs. This is done since manufacturers have to take into account the things that people put up with when traveling such as cramped spaces, portability, facility of assembly, the hassles of traveling, and the need for a quick place for your baby.

Portable baby cribs were mostly designed as a place for your baby to play or sleep in. They are made to be foldable so that they can be stored easily. They are also smaller in size and have wheels, so that you can transfer them easily from place to place and for it to fit through narrow doors. Due to these features, one should be very careful when trying to use it because a lot of accidents had happened to people using these travel baby cribs. Some of it had just been handed down to relatives and that is another factor in these incidents. So whether new or not, one should take some things into consideration before using it.

First, and foremost, you must check if the portable cribs that you are using has passed the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association’s standard and also the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for product recalls. These will determine if they really are safe baby cribs for you to use.

Next, check the crib personally to see if it is safe to use. Follow the instructions carefully when setting up the portable crib. Proper attention to these tiny details can save you from any unwanted incident. The distance between crib slats, for those that are made of wood, should not exceed 2 3/8 inches. The railing at the top must not collapse after it has automatically locked into place. This might cause your baby’s neck to be entrapped if it does fall and may cause strangulation. In addition, once the rails had locked, it must remain locked for the duration that your baby is in the crib.

Mesh-sided cribs could also pose some possible hazards to your baby. If one side of it falls down, it can form some sort of pocket that can entrap your baby. Some cribs also come with their own mattresses in it. The simple rule for the mattress would be that it should fit tightly to the edge of the crib. The height of the crib should also be high enough so that your baby would not be able to get off the crib that easily. Also choose fitted sheets the same size as the mattress.

Take some time to think of the safety of your baby when you’re about to use portable safe baby cribs and you will never regret having done so. Examine the given factors enumerated above before putting your baby in it to avoid accidents.

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